Event Schedule

september 27
10:00 - 11:15

From all around the globe to Romanian Esports

What can we learn from international eSports? Explore the electronic sport differences and similarities from Romania to all around the globe and find out about what national eSports has to offer and how can we excel even more.


Tudor Dăescu — President of Esports Summit Bucharest & Co-Founder Gaming Week

Cătălin Butnariu — President Romanian Game Developers Association (RGDA)

Marius Radu — GG Industry & Co-founder Gaming Week 

Alexandru Ion — Founder Nexus Gaming

Q&A session

11:45 - 13:00

Effective policies that help Esports grow

To many of us, eSports is already one of the most respected sports in the world. For speaking in legal terms about this, we`re gathering local legisltators and specialists to discuss how different forms of esports organisations can help build the local Esports local ecosystem.


Mara Mareș — State Counsellor Romanian Government

Vlad Marinescu — President International Esports Federation (IESF)

Sergi Mesonero — Head of ISFE Esports at (Interactive Software Federation of Europe)

Mihai Cotos — Founder Digital Crusade

Q&A session

13:15 - 14:15

National events vs IP tournaments vs. indepedent tournaments

Talks about tournaments and events in the Esports universe. Explore and find out how & why national events are so different from independent tournaments. How the tournamnets orginzed by the big publishers fit in? From sponsors, event format, and participating teams, the differences are pretty huge. Can we change that, and if so, how?


Octav “ang” Crețu — CEO Nexus Gaming

Mihai Cotos — Founder Digital Crusade

Adrian Socaciu — Sports Institute President

Alexandru Șiclovan — Promoter Racing League Romania

Q&A session

13:15 - 14:30


14:30 - 15:45

Communication in Esports

More and more brands wisely choose to invest in Esports, considered by many the sport of the future. Communication in Esports it`s efficient, fast and can deliver a clear message. Big names like Vodafone, BMW, Adidas, RedBull & many more are getting more open and creative when it comes to brand campaigns and products.

Răzvan Acsente — Chief Marketing Officer at Tazz

Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu — Communications & CC Manager at Samsung Electronics Romania

Mihnea Brașoveanu — Digital Manager Sphera Franchise Group

Irina Folea — Gaming Marketing Manager at Logitech SEE

Q&A session

16:00 - 17:15

Athletes want to be gamers and gamers want to be athletes

Athletes and gamers have a lot in common, right? Both gamers and athletes join teams and organizations, have a training schedule, and must learn everything about playing with teammates. These days, many athletes use eSports to increase their performance, while many gamers use daily sports to make progress in videogames. Also, talks about Esports academics and how can we help young players in the process of becoming their best version.

Ana Dumbravă — Pro Player

Ovidiu Pătrașcu — Streamer

Adrian Iacobini — University Sports Club Director (ASE)

Ciprian Marica — Former Professional Footbal Player

Q&A session

17:30 - 18:45

Investing in Esports. Everyone wants in, but everyone gets it?

The Esports scene is getting bigger and stronger. That comes with new organizations & teams, but also new sponsors and brands. To make this field even greater, a good communication between the brands & teams it`s necessary. What does a team need from a sponsor? How they should ask for it? How a brand can deliver the necessary? Find out in this panel.

Octav “ang” Crețu — CEO Nexus Gaming

Katerina Todorovski — Head of Brand Marketing BCR

Sergiu Bura — CEO One Tap Gaming

Nedim Baytorun — Consumer Business Unit Director, Vodafone România

Costin Vrînceanu — Streamer

Q&A session


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